Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Wagga Wagga Station - Platform side awning (1)

 Wagga Wagga station - Awning construction continues

I started making the station over 18 months ago.  Slow-n-steady progress should have finished it earlier, but like most modellers, I get sidetracked. 

Wagga Wagga station platform as photographed prior to the latest Heritage paint scheme

The platform side of my model has been rather neglected after I finished the painting early last year  These pictures show some recent progress

Platform side.  None of the doors and windows inserts are in. Note the bottom of the doorways - this is the height I need to have for the top of the platform

I cut two 600x65mm of 0.040 styrene from a larger sheet (which happened to be 60cm wide - very handy). The full main station is 58 cm long.  I have rebated, and cut the sheet to accomodate the gables.  And 65mm is actually 2mm wider than it should be to match the prototype. My thought process was that the extra 2mm may prevent some future handling damage to the awning when fitted.   I have added some 0.125 thick evergreen styrene strips to the styrene base - with an internal strip at the location of the future awning support posts.

The upper layer of styrene added.  Not shown was that I weighted the styrene down whilst the slow acting styrene cement cured. 

The doors have been made up out of earlier painted styrene strips, glued directly to the clear styrene.  The solid door panels will be painted directly onto the clear styrene.  As I had not been 100% accurate, or consistant with my earlier cutting out the wall openings, each door was sized to fit the opening.  This has shown up some awkwardness with dimensions - particularly with the large opening on the gable end.

Better lighting thanks to sunlight.  The doors and windows can now been seen.  I also added the extra platform width for the small toilet blocks at each end.

Western end awning

After assembling the etch, it was positioned on the raised floor of the veranda


Adding the posts.

The decoration on top of the brass.  This is similar to the roadside awning on the eastern side

I used a couple of spacers to position the awning roof support on the station walls.  I also used blu-tac to hold the support, whilst I drilled through the wall for the later screw from the inside. 
Adding the awning roof.
One can go overboard with the detailing.  But one thing that the awning decoration will need is the large wooden "corbels" above each post.

It may be near invisible, but I have added some of the extra decoration.  Keen viewers will note that the  support posts on the walls are missing on the new awning.

The station from the roadside has now looks complete, apart from some minor extra detailing, and painting.  Downpipes too...

What the real station looked like from that angle

Next stage.

The platform awning is next.  I have made a start with assembling the three etches into a single strip about 53cm long - and very pleased to report that it appears to be spot on for size (which is a big relief).   However,  I have not finalised how I will sandwich the etched brass with the styrene roof.  More pondering whilst I make up the twelve awning posts, and add all the missing details to the roadside.

Stay safe, and build a model or two
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  1. Superb model! The micro-detailing is amazing.

  2. Looks spectacular Rob its a credit to your patience well done

  3. Rob, Fantastic progress with Wagga Station Building.

    Kind Regards
    Peter B

  4. What a masterpiece! And it's not even finished!

    1. Thank you Phil. Everytime I add a bit more, the station rewards me by steadily looking better. The platform side awning over the last 3 days has been my focus, and whilst only half done, what is there has exceeded my expectations. I hope to have a finished awning to the painting stage by the next blog post.